Mâché Founders

Daniels Langeberg

Co-founder + CEO

EcoCaddy | Eco Experiences, Deliveries, Transport + Advertising

We use bamboo bodied electric pedicabs, employ South Australian riders and harness the very best in technology so our customers always get a great experience.

Izzy Pearce


Community + Wellbeing Manager

Fresh Sprouts | Yoga + Art Therapy

I have a creative flair and connect with people of all walks of life and guide them to find their own sense of wellbeing in a supportive and uplifting space.

Peter (Jac) Ayres


Space Manager + Designer

T.C.L | Landscape Architect

A love of understanding space and design through landscape and architecture

Mâché Members

Tony Cvorkov

The Olive Leaf Co Pty Ltd | Handmade Olive Oil based soap and personal products

100% olive oil soap handmade with organic essential oils. Recipe is secret but different to other soaps!

James Williams + Team

Dirty Deeds Produce Marketing | Marketing advice and support for harvesters of the land and sea

We only work with family and privately owned business that grow, make and produce quality food.

Nathan Newell

EcoCaddy | Media + Engagement Specialist

Head Mechanic

GreyZone Racing | Owner

Multiple Skill Sets in various areas of Business

Erin Heffernan


Dirty Deeds Produce Marketing |

Marketing & Admin Assistant

I love working in teams to bounce ideas around and develop really creative, engaging content.

Rusty Russell

Open Source Software Developer


I write code, and give it away in the hope others do something clever with it.

Jen St Jack + Lucy Jensen

Jack Jensen | Policy, government relations and communications

Our strategic advice helps industry bodies and government navigate thorny problems and collaborate to solve them.

Matt Magin + Adam Brenecki + Alec Weir

CMV Group | Automotive Retail Software

We focus on developing innovative and high quality software in the automotive retail space

Chelsea Brady


Chelsea Brady Cinematography

I create creative content that is best designed for online advertising on Facebook and Instagram

Alexis Buxton-Collins


I’m willing to travel far and wide to meet the characters and find the secrets that really bring a place to life

Beatrice Jeavons

Patiyoga | Yoga Teacher

I want to make yoga more accessible and foster gentle classes that can build strength and flexibility for a well-rounded and lifelong practice.

Linda Swaney

Mosaic Artist


Lauren Downton

Sail and Swan | Stationery Design

Sail and Swan blends old style vintage graphics in a contemporary and on-trend way in our invitation range. Vintage florals are our specialty.

Emmanuelle Harrington

Studio Manusha | Website producer

I create and manage websites for small businesses in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

Lewis Daly

Vessels Tech | Technology for social impact in developing countries

My company focuses on building technology for social change in low-income countries.

Paula Narvaez

Fruit of Yoga | Yoga Teacher

Cultivate the seed of connection with your body and taste the fruit of peace of mind

Shannon Sullivan

This One Day Photography | Documentary Family Photographer