Mâché Founders

Daniels Langeberg

Co-founder + CEO

EcoCaddy | Eco Experiences, Deliveries, Transport + Advertising

We use bamboo bodied electric pedicabs, employ South Australian riders and harness the very best in technology so our customers always get a great experience.


Izzy Pearce


Community + Wellbeing Manager

Fresh Sprouts | Yoga + Art Therapy

EcoCaddy | Marketing + Admin

I have a creative flair and connect with people of all walks of life and guide them to find their own sense of wellbeing in a supportive and uplifting space.

Peter (Jac) Ayres


Space Manager + Designer

T.C.L | Landscape Architect

A love of understanding space and design through landscape and architecture

Mâché Members

Host International

Cathy Lawson | Program Manager

Jogen Gazmere | Capacity Development Coach

Shahy Radwan | Capacity Development Coach

Aimee Fuller | Project Lead, Fostering Futures

We operate in a holistic way to ensure that individuals and communities get access to the right support at the right time, in a way that promotes thriving and self-reliant communities.

The Nature Conservancy

Anita Nedosyko, Simon Reeves, Simon Habel

Taking on the planet’s biggest, most important challenges by focusing on priorities that science shows are the most urgent and where our innovation and expertise can be game changers

Inkling Group

Dr Gemma Munro, Megan Down, Lauren Byleveld

Inkling logo.png
We deliver world class leadership and training programs focussed on inclusion, belonging and psychological wellbeing. We’re proud to say that the results are in. Our programs work.

Healing Foundation

Wendy Arvia, Raina Hunter

We work with communities to create a place of safety, providing an environment for Stolen Generations members and their families to speak for themselves, tell their own stories and be in charge of their own healing.

CMV Group

Matt Magin + Adam Brenecki + Alec Weir | Automotive Retail Software

We focus on developing innovative and high quality software in the automotive retail space


Rusty Russell + Joel Stanley |

Open Source Software Developers

We write code, and give it away in the hope others do something clever with it.

Jen St Jack

Jack Jensen | Policy, government relations and communications

Our strategic advice helps industry bodies and government navigate thorny problems and collaborate to solve them.

Chelsea Brady

Chelsea Brady Cinematography | Videography/Editing

I create creative content that is best designed for online advertising on Facebook and Instagram

Sarah Lelliott

Sarah Lelliott Design | Graphic Design

I thrive on creating inspired solutions for you and your business. I have the ability to think conceptually and enjoy pushing the boundaries.

Banjo Harris Plane

Good Pair Days | Co-founder + Wine Buyer

Good Pair Days.png
We choose wines with a story behind each bottle — where it comes from, why it’s special, why it’s so gosh darn delicious. We hunt for the deep-batch bottles, the ones you’re not going to find in your local bottle shop.

Alexis Buxton-Collins


I’m willing to travel far and wide to meet the characters and find the secrets that really bring a place to life

Victoria Lewis

SANAA: A better world through creativity

Using street art, music, performance, workshops, visual art and story-telling, we harness the talents of Australian and international artists as cultural advocates, who encourage greater social cohesion through creative expression.

Remco Albers

MILCO design

Webdesign/logo/branding) + General Service Provider | Dell EMC



Shannon Sullivan

This One Day Photography | Documentary Family Photographer