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Mâché is a space for those who believe that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We actively encourage coworking as an alternative to the conventional workspace by not only providing the physical resources, but also fostering a driven multidisciplinary community that values collaboration and entrepreneurship. Our space is always re-configuring and changing, providing a stream of fresh opportunities to connect to like minded peers, collaborators and the wider Adelaide community. If you are looking for a place to work, play and thrive you will find it here!

Our Community




Mâché’s mission is to become the premier location for creatives, entrepreneurs and small businesses to co-exist and work in a collaborative environment. Our focus is to build a cohesive community of individuals that can leverage their skill sets to ideate, test and commercialise new works rapidly together.

culture and values

Our manifesto and company values give purpose for everything we do and drive us at Mâché to create a better workplace and in turn a better world. 

  • We create productive places - we revitalise under-utilised urban spaces and transform them into creative, productive and nourishing environments.

  • We encourage togetherness - we collaborate with the community, motivate each other and forge new bonds and partnerships.

  • We strive for purpose - we challenge ourselves and harness our individual and collective power and create positive change, socially and environmentally.

  • We challenge the norm - we question the way things are and seek new ways to do things better.

  • We create a platform - we connect with the local community and host events and workshops that promote diversity, creativity, sustainability and health.

  • We offer wellbeing - we provide the community with holistic services, such as yoga to benefit the mind and body, and build compassion and awareness.