mâché renos | Stage 3

The last few weeks have been action packed. Christmas crept up like a wild elf, and next minute.. Happy New Year! We hoped to catch the fireworks from our city roof, but unfortunately Dans and I fell asleep on the couch at 10.00pm and woke up to the dog snoring. Ah well. Thank goodness for Instagram stories.

Co-founders, Jac, Dans and I had an epic last few days moving everything from the old mâché to our shiny new home - 451 Pulteney St, Adelaide 5000. At least the Budget Truck had good air-conditioning in the heat wave. Yesterday was a huge sigh of relief after successfully transporting all our plants safely. I can’t wait to grow our green family into a happy urban jungle.

We are yet to take a holiday, but that’s because we’re on a tight schedule to open our doors on the 7th January 2019! We still have lots to do, but our coworking environment will be fully functional. Each week from now, we get to focus on the finer details, and also some major ones! Some we can’t reveal yet..

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What did we achieve over the last few weeks? Ah that’s right, Dans sanded the oak floors downstairs for what felt like eternity. I then sealed them 3 times like a pro with a matte finish sealer. It’s a 3 hour wait time between coats, so I took a few power naps, roamed the aisles of Bunnings, ate snacks and edited the Vlog.

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Our space is already starting to feel cosy, with some additions of furniture, which has been an absolute joy to put together.. HA! Meanwhile, Jac’s been busy renovating the kitchen downstairs. He’s had some late nights laying down floating floors, fixing and fitting stuff and installing a filtered water tap so we can drink water of the gods.

Jac’s also a digital wiz and has designed our kitchen upstairs. It will provide space for hangs, feasts, coffee and good conversation. Dans and Jac will build the upstairs kitchen next week. Hopefully they survive the process. Reading a manual is not my forte, so I will be on treat duty, ensuring everyone stays hydrated and fed with the finest takeaway. I should probably give myself more credit though, as my skills with tools are improving and I have developed some pretty gangster biceps.

Complete tangent, Jonny’s Popcorn delights Sweet and Salty is the best reno snack and locally produced in South Australia. Thanks Jac for your tasty offering during our mammoth move and tough times. Sorry for my giant handfuls and leaving you with just the corns at the bottom of the packet.


It’s a tricky time of year to get tradies and craftsmen on board, but luckily we have some amazing mates who have been superheroes. Massive shoutout to Matt Lott who built our super slick deck in our event space / yoga studio.

He’s gone glamping in his homemade caravan called Joanie. He built her with his bare hands and named her after his Grandma. Isn’t she gorgeous?

Matt will be back soon for some finishing touches on the deck and probably some more work we throw his way.

Need some carpentry work done? Hit Matt up:

Special thanks also goes to Ben Turner and his team from Built By Ben. They worked faster than Santa’s little helpers and erected the bones of a wall downstairs. This will divide a snazzy office on one side and private desk spaces on the other. They will finish off the wall in the next few weeks and it’s going to be quite the feature!

We had some chirpy visitors last week which lifted our spirits! Including our good interstate friends, Ed, Lucie and Ryan, and Dans’ twin sis Gin. It’s been very affirming to share our visions with people we love and see the excitement in their faces. It makes the long hours worth it and reassures us we are on the right track. Also, big thanks to Gin for helping out with the paint brush! Black paint is a risky colour but she totally nailed it. Hope her clothes aren’t too destroyed.

That’s enough from me, on behalf of the mâché gang, we hope your year is off to a flying start and we can’t wait to show you our space and welcome new members to our community.

We have small, medium and large office spaces on offer, as well as flexi, dedicated and private desks, event and workshop space and a yoga studio. Our future plans are super exciting, but the present looks pretty good.

Until the next instalment..

- Izzy

We are on the move!

You may have heard on the purple grapevine..

WE ARE MOVING AND EXPANDING, and we’d love you to join us.

As we say farewell to 178 Wright St, we welcome a bright new chapter.

We've summed up the last 2 years in 2 minutes in this video below - we couldn’t feature everyone who has walked through our doors, but this captures the essence of mâché.

It has been remarkable to witness our community grow and evolve. We are over the moon with our new space and so excited to fill it with diverse, creative and dynamic humans.

Pulteney St.jpg

Introducing our new home -
451 Pulteney St, Adelaide 5000.

We have small, medium and large offices, dedicated and flexi desks, private desks, breakout spaces, a beautiful event and workshop space, yoga studio, and plans for an evolving green space and eco transport hub.

Mâché 2.0 is the perfect balance of professionalism, character and charm. It has loads of natural light, good ventilation and all-round happy vibes.

The CBD location is brilliant, with the leafy parklands in walking distance, top notch coffee shops and places to eat and relax nearby, and is super close to all public transport.

Our coworking community is what makes mâché special, and we can't wait to welcome a new bunch of faces.

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