mâché renos | Stage 4

This is the last blog of our reno series at our new digs - 451 Pulteney St, Adelaide 5000. We are very much in business with some finishing touches to go (and a few other major things, but that will come later..) Our community is growing by the day and we are so grateful for their patience during our transition.

We’ve been going hard for almost 3 months. We’ve had many late nights and can’t remember what it’s like to relax on a weekend, sit on a swing and watch the rainbow rosellas. Soon enough, the reno haze is clearing and our beautiful space is coming to life. Half of our offices and coworking desks are filled, and our Yoga classes are up and running with new teachers on deck. You can watch our latest Vlog here, and subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

Since our last blog, our super friend Matt Lott, a carpenter extraordinaire, finished off the stage for us in the event space and it looks smashing. Dans sanded it, I filled it with putty and gave it a seal, and Bob’s your uncle we have a fun deck for activities! (I’ve never understood that saying.. Who on earth is Bob?)

Jac and Dans took on a mammoth project designing and building a brand new kitchen upstairs. The pair of them have somehow survived the process. Just a few more tweaks to go and this glorious space will be ready for kitchen parties. The natural sunlight is heavenly, and the whole design is pretty darn spiffy (photos coming soon) Hats off to Jac and Dans for being creative with upcycling some wood for a feature wall. We love a good salvage! Not long until we can make a coffee, sit on the custom bench, eat cake and gaze out the window and reflect upon those dusty times.

We’ve had some hero helpers over the last month, including Wombat, our sparky who got us all wired up. The team from Built By Ben finished building an insulated wall with ply cladding. Matthew our plumber bashed out an old sink with his mighty strength and did our plumbing for our new kitchen. Tubby our Network Technician from Flow Networks hooked us up with super speedy WiFi. He even brought in his fluffy helper Macy, a sprightly German Shepherd. Plus we’ve had lots of visitors that have lifted our morale with their enthusiasm and support. Thanks guys!

A big excitement for me has been the slow addition of soft furnishings and artwork. I had a DIY idea in a dream and ordered some Swedish fabric of lily pads to pay homage to the nearby Adelaide Himeji Garden. Lily pads are super Zen, who doesn’t like lily pads? Dare me to say lily pads again? Lily pads. Anyhoo, I ironed out the fabric in my overalls, because overalls make me feel like Superwoman. I put some stretcher bars together with great difficulty, probably because I put them the wrong way round, and then called for help when I realised how tricky it was to staple the fabric, especially the origami corners! Dans, Jac and I watched a YouTube tutorial about 5 times, and with our collective power, we totally nailed it and created the artwork of my dreams for the Yoga studio.


A huge highlight over the last month has been our custom tables coming together. Dans designed them, and organised a local welder wizard to make the steel frames. Beautiful pieces of wood arrived from Queensland which float perfectly on top of the frames. Dans and Jac cut some holes for power chords, and sanded and sealed the surfaces so they are smooth as eggs. These tables provide a base for productivity. As I type this I can hear the fellow coworkers tapping on their keys, getting work done and finding their flow.


Over the last month, we’ve paid numerous trips to Ikea and surrendered to the mysterious food out of sheer desperation. On average, our trips to Bunnings have decreased from twice a day to once every second day. This is an improvement. I still can’t help myself in the plant section and continue to add green members to the family. I swear plants do better in mass. They must get so lonely by themselves in corners. Every plant needs a friend or 2 or 20. If plants really can talk to each other, it’s only fair we provide diversity and create an urban jungle.

On a side note, I really wish Bunnings would do a veggie sausage sizzle, because we would totally smash them. I may have to start a petition, who is with me!? On a plus, thank goodness you can bring doggos to Bunnos, our pup Sheik loves it, probably because one of the staff gives him biscuits every time.

I am waffling on, maybe because it is a Monday. I must make haste and attend to my Community and Wellbeing Manager duties. Speaking of which, are you looking for a space? An office, small, medium or large? A flexi, dedicated or private desk? Meeting room? Event or workshop space? A place to practice yoga?

Hit us up here, we’d love to hear from you and show you around -


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Until the next instalment..

- Izzy

We are on the move!

You may have heard on the purple grapevine..

WE ARE MOVING AND EXPANDING, and we’d love you to join us.

As we say farewell to 178 Wright St, we welcome a bright new chapter.

We've summed up the last 2 years in 2 minutes in this video below - we couldn’t feature everyone who has walked through our doors, but this captures the essence of mâché.

It has been remarkable to witness our community grow and evolve. We are over the moon with our new space and so excited to fill it with diverse, creative and dynamic humans.

Pulteney St.jpg

Introducing our new home -
451 Pulteney St, Adelaide 5000.

We have small, medium and large offices, dedicated and flexi desks, private desks, breakout spaces, a beautiful event and workshop space, yoga studio, and plans for an evolving green space and eco transport hub.

Mâché 2.0 is the perfect balance of professionalism, character and charm. It has loads of natural light, good ventilation and all-round happy vibes.

The CBD location is brilliant, with the leafy parklands in walking distance, top notch coffee shops and places to eat and relax nearby, and is super close to all public transport.

Our coworking community is what makes mâché special, and we can't wait to welcome a new bunch of faces.

Want to know more? 

Submit your requests here