our plan

We plan to build this remarkable concept in 6 weeks (ready by August 2016). Why? Because we have open-minded landlords that are doers. They want us to do more with their space that has been sitting largely unoccupied for the last six months.  It's a unique opportunity to revitalise a beautiful building, pay homage to it's past and give it a grand send off rather than it being a blight on the community.

It's quite an undertaking but there is a great team leading this project that have designed a place for great ideas and people to come together, give something back to the surrounding community and will pay the overheads. 

There is only 12 months to achieve this, because the building will be demolished to make way for a new development. This is not an issue but an amazing opportunity to create and refine a concept into an organisation, then transfer it and the community that's been built to an even better space in a years time.  

We are looking for open-minded and passionate individuals that want to cease this opportunity with us. If you feel this could be you, please feel free to make your way through our website to learn more, then register your interest by clicking the link to our webform at the bottom of this page.

The Mâché team look forward to hearing from you.

Available for hire



Founding tenants & supporting partners


Our Facilities

  • 24 lockable work cabinets
  • Keyless access 
  • Onsite IT support
  • Ultra high-speed 5G internet 
  • Bicycle lock-up
  • Kitchen
  • Showers

Local Amenities