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Call to Courage presented by Anna Ranaldo

‘Are you ready to write the next chapter in life? Do you want more focus, belonging and joy?

I became a Certified Daring Greatly™ and Rising Strong™ Facilitator (CDWF) with Brené and her team in 2016 and since then have helped hundreds of people pursue their dreams and let go of limiting beliefs. I can't wait to share this powerful work with you!

The Call to Courage program is designed to energise and focus you. Based on aspects of Dr Brené Browns Daring Greatly™ course, you'll explore your personal life vision and identify the key emotions, relationships and values that help you live your best life.

As a Coach and Certified Daring Greatly™ Facilitator (CDWF) we explore how to build your courage muscles based on the ground-breaking research of Dr Brené Brown in combination with my favourite practices from the fields of emotional intelligence and neuroscience.’ - Anna Ranaldo

If you've missed it the Netflix documentary Call to Courage click here

Book today and learn how to;
1. Revitalise and refresh your life goals and personal vision
2. Understand your values & how they anchor you
3. Practice empathy and strengthen relationships
4. Examine thoughts and behaviours that hold you back

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