Mâché Founders

Daniels Langeberg

Co-founder + CEO

EcoCaddy | Eco Experiences, Deliveries, Transport + Advertising

We use bamboo bodied electric pedicabs, employ South Australian riders and harness the very best in technology so our customers always get a great experience.

Izzy Pearce


Community + Wellness Coordinator

Fresh Sprouts | Yoga + Art Therapy

I have a creative flair and connect with people of all walks of life and guide them to find their own sense of well-being in a supportive and uplifting space.

Peter (Jac) Ayres


Space Manager + Designer

T.C.L | Landscape Architect

A love of understanding space and design through landscape and architecture

Mâché Members

Tony Cvorkov

The Olive Leaf Co Pty Ltd | Handmade Olive Oil based soap and personal products

100% olive oil soap handmade with organic essential oils. Recipe is secret but different to other soaps!

Lauren Downton

Sail and Swan | Stationery Design

Sail and Swan blends old style vintage graphics in a contemporary and on-trend way in our invitation range. Vintage florals are our specialty.

James Williams + Team

Dirty Deeds Produce Marketing | Marketing advice and support for harvesters of the land and sea

We only work with family and privately owned business that grow, make and produce quality food.

Emmanuelle Harrington

Studio Manusha | Website producer

I create and manage websites for small businesses in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

Nathan Newell

EcoCaddy | Media + Engagement Specialist

Head Mechanic

GreyZone Racing | Owner

Multiple Skill Sets in various areas of Business

Erin Heffernan


Dirty Deeds Produce Marketing |

Marketing & Admin Assistant

I love working in teams to bounce ideas around and develop really creative, engaging content.

Jen St Jack + Lucy Jensen

Jack Jensen | Policy, government relations and communications

Our strategic advice helps industry bodies and government navigate thorny problems and collaborate to solve them.

Paula Narvaez

Fruit of Yoga | Yoga Teacher

Cultivate the seed of connection with your body and taste the fruit of peace of mind

Matt Magin + Adam Brenecki + Alec Weir

CMV Group | Automotive Retail Software

We focus on developing innovative and high quality software in the automotive retail space

Beatrice Jeavons

Patiyoga | Yoga Teacher

I want to make yoga more accessible and foster gentle classes that can build strength and flexibility for a well-rounded and lifelong practice.

Alexis Buxton-Collins


I’m willing to travel far and wide to meet the characters and find the secrets that really bring a place to life

Lewis Daly

Vessels Tech | Technology for social impact in developing countries

My company focuses on building technology for social change in low-income countries.

Linda Swaney

Mosaic Artist


Shannon Sullivan

This One Day Photography | Documentary Family Photographer