We are on the move!

You may have heard on the purple grapevine..

WE ARE MOVING AND EXPANDING, and we’d love you to join us.

As we say farewell to 178 Wright St, we welcome a bright new chapter.

We've summed up the last 2 years in 2 minutes in this video below - we couldn’t feature everyone who has walked through our doors, but this captures the essence of mâché.

It has been remarkable to witness our community grow and evolve. We are over the moon with our new space and so excited to fill it with diverse, creative and dynamic humans.

Pulteney St.jpg

Introducing our new home -
451 Pulteney St, Adelaide 5000.

We have small, medium and large offices, dedicated and flexi desks, private desks, breakout spaces, a beautiful event and workshop space, yoga studio, and plans for an evolving green space and eco transport hub.

Mâché 2.0 is the perfect balance of professionalism, character and charm. It has loads of natural light, good ventilation and all-round happy vibes.

The CBD location is brilliant, with the leafy parklands in walking distance, top notch coffee shops and places to eat and relax nearby, and is super close to all public transport.

Our coworking community is what makes mâché special, and we can't wait to welcome a new bunch of faces.

Want to know more? 

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Hé there #004

Out exploring....

Out exploring....

Hé there,

The m has been bit by the travel bug lately, I’m out over here in Melbourne for a couple of weeks and I have been thinking a lot about the key component of our mixed co-working space – Collaboration.

What spurned this thinking was my need of coffee (as per usual) where I bumped into this wonderful example of small scale businesses working together to provide high quality goods and services in a way that benefitted each business. Market Lane provides the wonderful coffee – Baker D. Chirico lends a hand with the baked goods. Singularly these businesses are great, but together they’re a match made in heaven.

Baker D. Chirico on the left, Market Lane Coffee's serving window on the right (with great on street seating!)

Baker D. Chirico on the left, Market Lane Coffee's serving window on the right (with great on street seating!)

Currently based in Carlton - I noticed that there is a scale, density and population not unlike that based in Adelaide’s CBD. There are several well established and beautiful co-working options available within Carlton; surprisingly they all focus heavily upon technology and developer based services, with little provided for cross pollination  -but these are not what got me excited.

The startup market is further influenced by the involvement of the nearby University of Melbourne which provides a connection initiative - linking networks, students and organisations through a series of events, workshops and seminars through the Carlton Connect Initiative at Lab 14.

A range of anchor programs are directly tied into the Carlton Connect Initiative and include the following:

Victorian Life Sciences Computation Initiative:
Providing highly advanced computational infrastructure for a variety of research institutes aimed at fostering collaboration between research initiatives.
Creative Spaces:
 A program base on the City of Melbourne Arts Melbourne branch providing affordable spaces for creative industries.
The EU Centre on Shared Complex Challenges:
Engaging development between Australian and European universities and institutions, focusing on climate, energy businesses and future industry.
Melbourne Accelerator Program (MAP):
Encouraging student start-ups through seed funding, office space and mentoring.
Australian-German Climate and Energy College:
Providing opportunities for studying climate change, energy development, and energy transitions across the EU and Australia.
A research institute focusing on carbon dioxide capture and abatement schemes.
IBM Bluemix Garage:
Providing App integration and development services along with cloud based infrastructure.

Providing a university based testing ground for start-ups and business initiatives is a hugely beneficial and innovative opportunity for entrepreneurs to develop their ideas sooner and start testing them in the local market.

The benefits are two fold – the University develops and expands their existing networks of contacts and links with industries in local and international sectors, while further encouraging local entrepreneurs to develop new industries and jobs.

I feel that the inclusion of a university and the resources it could provide set the tone for a new way of developing alternatives for young developers, businesses and the future format of what we consider a ‘university’ to be. The Carlton Connect Initiative is the strongest example of a mixed collaborative environment I have found and it’s the ideas that come about through mixed developments like these which get me excited and proud to be involved in mâché.

That’s it for me, thanks for tuning in to the mâché crew - we will catch you next week!


Peter (Jac)

Hé there #002

Izzy from Fresh Sprouts teaching her weekly Yoga Mache class.

Izzy from Fresh Sprouts teaching her weekly Yoga Mache class.

Hé there!

It’s been awhile since you’ve heard from us. We had to temporarily put the brakes on due to some unexpected matters with the Adelaide City Council - you know how that goes. As a result we couldn’t proceed with our official launch party, which was a bit of a bummer, but we will be rescheduling this soon! The good news is, it won’t be too long as we quickly move through the motions with Council to ensure we are all on the same page.

In the meantime we are operating as per usual here at Mâché, so let me run through a couple of updates. We've been pretty busy having some great events like Yoga Mâché featuring the lovely Izzy from Fresh Sprouts (every Saturday starting from November 12th) and our cofounders Mum Sheela Langeberg running a drumming workshop for a large group of ladies to empower them through song!

Our latest member Cara getting her airbrush on for the Zombie Walk last month

Our latest member Cara getting her airbrush on for the Zombie Walk last month

We are super chuffed to have a growing community of talented co-working members like Cara here. Over the coming weeks we'll be sharing their story with you on our social media channels and here on our blog! The space itself is pretty much done! Yep, we’ve completed two more rooms, our Executive Suite and our Recording Studio.

The Executive Suite is available now for a fraction of the cost that you would pay for a space of it’s size (25sqm) and unique qualities in the City. It features; 3.2m ceilings, baltic floorboards and a huge bay window with a spectacular park view. It’s perfect for a small team or several individuals that require a little more privacy to get the job done. Throughout the month of November we are offering a special discount of $100 p/mth if you sign up before December!

Bianka and Jake practicing in the our studio in prep for a upcoming gig at the Grace Emily.

Bianka and Jake practicing in the our studio in prep for a upcoming gig at the Grace Emily.

As mentioned, we have also completed our Recording Studio and we’ve worked hard to create the most affordable one of it’s type in the City, with some of the best acoustics you can find! We are talking about the space where Fresh FM cut their teeth before they were a thing for only $25 p/hr. When you walk in you get a chilled vibe that’s somewhere between a study designed in the 1970’s and a sauna, without the extreme heat of course. It features lightly lacquered pine, that clads all the walls, a raw pine desk and a mint condition couch that we picked up from the Blackwood Bargain Centre that is probably from the 70’s.

Our friends from Sounds Out of Hours provide equipment that includes a Macbook Pro Laptop with Ableton Live and suite of other recording software, studio monitors, a mixing desk, MPC, 4 microphones with stands and ergonomic chairs for you and your guests. These are all included in our hourly hire. It’s perfect for the person with a podcast or voice over project, a practice space for vocalists or for music teachers.

There a tonnes more updates that I didn't mentioned here to keep things short and sweet, but we will be doing blogs weekly from here on in, so much more to come! One update that I should mention now, because she will be writing our next blog, is the addition to the Mâché family - Ms Bianka Feo (featured in the photo above). She joins the team to make moves on the marketing and events side of Mâché and has already brought some brilliant ideas to the team that you'll all being seeing the fruits of in the coming months.

That's it from me and from us for now. Thanks for tuning in. See you all here on Hé next week.