mâché renos | Stage 1

Izzy here, bringing you a dusty update from our new digs in the CBD - 451 Pulteney St, Adelaide 5000.

Current status: In the fog of renovations, not sure what day it is, covered in sawdust, typing on a milk crate.

What a ride these last few months have been! After many moons planning, negotiating, strategising and designing, we signed a new lease a little over a week ago.

Mâché coworking is set for expansion! The big move has been a progressive dream of ours. We are offering tip-top offices of all sizes, and private, dedicated and flexi desks, space for events and workshops, and wellbeing and yoga.

To get to this point, it has taken many late nights and solid teamwork between co-founders, Dans, Jac and I. Behind the scenes we’ve been busy beavers creating design work, and preparing and sharing content. Last week we kicked off DIY renos with a bang, we’re feeling pretty tired but spirits are high.

Jac has been working super hard over the last few months, juggling life as a landscape architect. He is having a well-earned holiday in Japan with his lady Arlyn. After soaking up the Zen, he will be returning full of creative inspiration, and we have a suspicion he may grow moss in every corner. We welcome the tranquility and hear it does wonders for productivity. Jac sent us these postcards below, from Gion on the left, and Ginkakuji on the right.

In other news, we made our first Vlog! We captured the last week on our phones when we got the chance.

Watch below and subscribe to our YouTube Channel.


Dans and I have been preparing the foundations of our new space, removing carpets and lino, and pulling out MILLIONS of stubborn staples. We are a resilient couple, but this was a new experience we got to share together, for many days! Metaphors about floors helped get us through, as well as the bakery treats, tea breaks, and Indian Delights next door. We can vouch for the Aloo Gobi, a fine dish indeed. We are working our way through the various cuisines in the hood and our taste buds are most impressed.

After the last staple was pulled out from the godforsaken floors, we bashed in the nails and probably annoyed our new neighbours. We didn’t realise how loud we were until we took off our earmuffs at 11pm one night. Oops.

Days rolled into one, and I sanded and patched up walls while Dans retrofitted some floorboards and replaced the damaged ones. Bring on the putty! Patch.. patch.. patch. Done.

At long last, like a blaze from the heavens, we saw the light. It was time to sand the floors. And sand some more. Nothing could be worse than the staples.. surely. As my mum always says, there is always hope.


Off we went to Bunnings for the thousandth time. We write lists but always forget something and have to go back again. Dans loses me in the plant section and reminds me to stay on task. We promise this blog is not sponsored by Bunnings, but we should contact them and see if we can get some sick deals.


Where were we? Sanding.

‘Mr Sandman, give me a dream’

And that Dans did. The floors scrubbed up real nice.

Thanks for following,

Until the next instalment..

- Izzy