Meet Jac

Introducing Peter Jacques Ayres, Mâché's co-founder, Space Manager and Designer, but you can just call him Jac.  

His name is rather fitting, as our 'Jac' of all trades, with an edge for detail, he is not afraid of using the tools and getting sh*t done.

Jac is a Landscape Architect at T.C.L and his array of skills sure come in handy. He has a love of understanding space and design through landscape and architecture. He is a level-headed fella with a calming nature, and is creative, rational and hungry to do more. All of these traits prove useful in running a successful coworking space in the city.

Jac has a quiet motivation and perseverance that is endearing. He's a behind the scenes sort of guy who has been here from the start and helped build Mâché to what it is today. From renovations, to admin, design, marketing and management, he's had it covered.

Jac works long hours, but he doesn't let this get the better of him. He doesn't sweat the small stuff and takes on challenges with enthusiasm and a sense of humour. Jac enjoys both working and relaxing at Mâché, as it is cosy any time of year! Outside of these walls, he travels where the wind takes him, and is always up for an enriching cultural experience.

Back home in Adelaide he tends to his veggie garden, goes to town in the kitchen and cooks up a storm for one and all. He recently built a bar in his garden called 'The Toucan Royale' - that’s some next level innovation to spend quality time with friends!

Anthony Bourdain and Frank Lloyd Wright are two of Jac’s notable heroes, defining a love of food, creativity and company.