Meet Izzy

Izzy Pearce is a co-founder of Mâché, and wears the fabulous hat of Community + Wellbeing Manager.

She is also the founder of Fresh Sprouts and is a Yoga Teacher, Performing Artist and Art Therapist.

Izzy teaches Studio, Corporate, Private and Kids Yoga in Adelaide, and runs Health and Wellbeing Workshops and Retreats throughout the year. She uses video as a storytelling medium and creates short films that capture the essence of yoga, nature and community. 

Izzy can be described as a colourful, quirky, empathetic, light-hearted and open human, and she holds a welcoming and uplifting space for people to explore their minds, bodies and spirits freely.


Day to day, Izzy engages with the community and helps create a warm, peaceful and creative atmosphere. She organises the Wellness Program, shares our Social Media happy times, takes care of plants and teaches weekly Yoga classes.

You can join her Yoga classes at Mâché in the CBD every Wednesday 6pm + Saturday 9am.

Mâché has become another limb to her being, and she has been helping around the traps since the first slap of paint. Izzy is inspired by the growing coworking community, where diverse and vibrant people share space, sprout ideas, laugh lots, get work done and collaborate.

In her spare time, Izzy is frolicking in nature, hanging with the fam, going on adventures with the pup, making videos, eating delicious vegetarian food, hibernating and recharging.

Her heroes are her partner Dans.. and Enya.

Swing by and say hi next time you are in the neighbourhood! She might just lure you onto the yoga mat.