Welcome back to the blog!

Crazy to think what this looked like only a week ago!

In the first blog we showed off the progress in the main area. There were some floorboards going down and we had started construction of the stage area. We sourced all the floorboards from people’s homes via Gumtree so the entire floor has been upcycled which is really awesome. The stage has been mostly constructed from upcycled wood and cupboard doors also, which is great because it means there’s less stuff we have to throw out. That’s been a main goal of ours in the construction of a lot of the spaces in the building. Take the gross stuff out, find what’s useful and give it a new purpose.

Moving on, the hole in the wall has turned into a wonderful doorway, with it’s own stair. We have had a hot water heater installed, so now both the kitchen and the shower have hot flowing water. Great!

The light wells!

Just above the stage, you might notice a large bar has appeared. This is our motorised projector screen which was going to be destroyed. Rather than something so great go to waste, it has been installed over the stage and will hopefully lead to some great movie nights and Mario Kart battles.

Mmmmm... Piiinneee...

The Artist areas are almost 100% complete! We are investigating a Rondo suspended ceiling system to cover up the gaping hole, and bringing in a floor sander soon. The horrible paint job and gross wallpaper-border-thing has been covered up by a great new white paint job and some pine wall panels. While they’re not the perfect material for the job, they’re cost effective and have maximum visual impact. We believe that wood lends it’s own life to a room too, so the more bare material in the space the better.

Sheik! Cool doggo is complementary with the space.

The Something Foyer has been tidied up and is currently undergoing it’s visual upgrade. Our Ubiquiti Wireless Access Point has been mounted on the ceiling in the most appropriate position for maximum wireless coverage and I can honestly say it’s performing better than I expected.

Honestly, don't pay attention to this. It's a mess, I'm sorry.

The server arrived recently, and I’ve built a new shelf for it in the room we’ve currently named “The Hurt Locker”. We’ll rename it once the room is done, we promise. I’ve mounted a piece of MDF on the wall also, and will be creating a set of custom cables to get rid of that cable spaghetti that’s currently on show. The multi-platform fileserver and Mac Server will be online as of next week, ready to host and share your files however you need. The hardware available is incredible and has tonnes of head room for more members, so join up!

The kitchen space is looking great. The benches are incredibly sturdy and the donated stools are so frikkin cute. Place needs a few more plants, but we’re working on it!

We'll be adding lamps and other lighting, looking forward to it being nice and moody.

The Studio is almost 100%! We've yet to finish the desk, and there' s some cabling to be done, but Ryan from Sounds Out Of Hours has donated some equipment to the studio including a MacBook Pro, mixer and some Mics. Hopefully our creators will take full advantage of this and get some quality audio to share with everyone!

Currently we’ve got a SALA exhibition hosted by the Art History Club populating the Workspace’s walls which brings some life to the area. I hope you’ll agree, it’s looking amazing! (Also, cute dog, no?)

Thanks for reading through our update of the space, we’re open now so if you’d like to see it with your own eyes, please feel free to come through and check it out!


P.S. I imagine you’ve got some questions for us, like;
What’s the progress on the artist studio?
When are we able to start our tenancy at Mache?
Which of the founders eats the most weet-bix?

All these questions answered AND MORE on Monday the 22nd!
What questions have you got? Tune in and shoot them our way at 6:30pm when we do a Facebook Live stream from the space. It should be pretty fun and we’ve got plenty of progress we’d like to reveal to you!