Preparing for launch!

Coworking Star Wars Kim Kardashian.

Okay now we've got the SEO out of the way here's an update of our progress so far!

Our main workspace/event space under construction. Light wells installed in the ceiling.

It's been a busy few weeks and we've still got busy weeks ahead, but as the launch date looms ever closer we've made significant progress with priority spaces such as toilets and the main event space. 
Through careful negotiation we were able to secure over 100 square metres of floorboards on the cheap (thanks, Gumtree!) and a tonne of underlay from our mate Tony.

The hole in the wall which became the bigger hole in the wall.

The hole in the wall which became the bigger hole in the wall.

One of the first things we tackled was thoroughfare. Namely, moving between the main space and the kitchen. There was this less than attractive hole in the wall to pass plates and stuff through, however it was extremely dangerous and we had to deal with it
The result? Well see for yourself!


Dangerous hole out, beautiful doorway in!

As far as the stuff you can't see, a lot has been done. Working with older buildings has its own challenges so the dodgy wiring and plumbing and ducting was all fixed up.


It's amazing what a lick of paint can do, and this kitchen was no exception. It's been transformed from drab abattoir to Jamie Durie's dream canvas. Add to that a couple benches we've yet to mount and some stools and this place is going to be the perfect spot for a cuppa or even a cutla.

We've converted one of the bathrooms and added a shower. This means people can make their morning commute by bike and go through the day without that 'I live in the bottom of my shoes' smell! Washy washy!

Shower, or toilet!

Shower, or toilet!

Moving towards the front, we've made a tonne of progress. It may not look like much to those looking at it the first time, but it took HOURS to get the area to where it is now. The amount of cabling that needed to be moved, walls that needed to be painted, ceiling tiles that needed to cleaned and carpet that needed to be ripped up was ludicrous. Honestly, days have been lost here. So if we were to say we're proud of getting this far along with it, it'd be an understatement. Under the dank carpet and underlay was layers and layers of material and adhesive that had to be scraped off by hand before we can get to it with a floor sander. We'll be glad to see the end of it as much as we'll be glad to see people using its new beginnings.

First impressions last, so it's fitting we're dealing with this last too.

We've knocked out the doorway and the wall in order to bring more light to the artist area and to allow you to view the space all the way through as you walk in. We feel it's more open and welcoming than the old reception room that felt like a doctor's waiting area. Soon, we'll have a lovely piece of feature ceiling to cover up the current one and really tie the two areas together.

Recording studio.

There's not too much to say about the recording studio. We tore out the dank carpet and replaced the insulation and it's cleared out the smell. New carpet tiles and new equipment being retrofitted to the old desk will allow for a new generation of artists and freelancers to record their next big hit or their client's voice-overs in a sound dead space.

Shout out to my fellow nerds.

We'll quickly touch on Internet. We assume you know what it is because you're reading this post (Unless your friend has printed this out for you, in which case what a legend they are. Right?) We've partnered up with Uniti Wireless and have been able to achieve a 25 Down 10 Up connection, perfect for sharing those files with clients. A Ubiquiti backend will be making sure that there is maximum uptime and a couple servers on the network will allow us to share files over the intranet no matter the size. (Also how cool is that UFO looking WiFi Access Point??)

A workspace fit for a king.

Here's a little behind-the-scenes exclusive for you all. Our resident handyman and EcoCaddy's Head Mechanic has gained an extra 10 square metres of space for his very own workshop! Constructed partly by him and us, it will give him the space he needs to keep EcoCaddy running smooth!

Thanks for reading our little (big) update. It's been an amazing journey and we can't wait to share the space with everyone!

Bonus content:
That hideous hole in the wall being destroyed.