Hé there #003

We've added some party lights and projector wall (for special occasions) to our front facade to bring more colour to our wonderful neighbourhood!

We’ve had a productive week at Mâché, making the most of our beautiful space and taking time to enjoy the spoils of our labour.  We are super excited to be sharing Mâché with 6 magnificent co-workers that give each room a life and exuberance that the space was created for!  Team Mâché welcome any curious questions about joining us, if you’re looking for an affordable corner of the earth to cultivate a hobby or follow a business dream, hit us up.  Mâché has the best facilities available to members 24 hours a day.

Hanging pot plants in our super fly light wells

Hanging pot plants in our super fly light wells

You see, Mâché has been tirelessly curated to meet the complex needs of today’s co-worker.  Our facilities elevate creatives in various industries.  Whether you want to start a business, pursue photography, paint, draw, record, broadcast, design, stitch or sew, Mâché is a friendly, homely space with super-fast internet for you to make your own.  We want your art on our walls, your brains buzzing in our halls!

So, on the weekend.  Imagine our brand new meeting room, bursting with natural light and full of possibility. Mâché kids are busily creating short films to not only showcase Mache’s potential as a photography and film studio but so that you can get to know them.

Mâché mascot and platinum member Sheik preparing for his close up

Mâché mascot and platinum member Sheik preparing for his close up

We played and made some short films titled ‘Mâché Minute’ (working title).  Sixty seconds in which a viewer gets a little insight into the people - the part that makes this playful little engine chug

Let’s move into first person now…

Since joining the team, the thing that has struck me as such a strength for Mâché is the diverse skill sets in each founder’s backgrounds.

Dans is the smart as a whip, EcoCaddy creator, carbon neutral crusader, go-to guru when it comes to developing an idea or start up business.  He also played percussion in school but we would not suggest that you invite him to the drum kit at your next event. 

There’s Erick, who some believe has technology coursing through his veins.  Erick has a predisposition for problem solving in video games and he’s on top of each new development in the technological landscape. He can trouble shoot a computer issue in next to no time and he works a great welcome desk! 

Finally, Peter, the quiet and creative, builder, planner, developer.  He’s the one you go to when you want something designed on a 3D printer or need a complex council form filled out.  He gets the job done, he’s clever and considered.  You will find him, quietly adding to Mâché, monitoring electrical cables and measuring walls.

These fellas are here to field questions, bounce ideas to set up people that will grow our Mâché community.  They’re inspiring and go getting; testament to the spirit of the purple little place they have created.

This is me trying to look natural while filming a ‘  Mâché Minute’.

This is me trying to look natural while filming a ‘Mâché Minute’.

I am not a co-founder yet since joining the team I’ve rattled off plenty of ideas, interjected communication breakdowns, encouraged shameless self-promotion, used the recording and function rooms, demanded an ‘m’ cookie cutter be 3D printed (thanks Pete) and written the occasional FB post.  I have had the opportunity to be an honorary Mâché member and I gotta say, the perks are, well, quite perky.  The facilities are top notch, internet is fast and the people are grand! What more can I ask for when I’m woefully strumming a guitar (I started learning 4 months ago) or frantically tapping at a keyboard.

That's it from me and us, for now!

Thanks for tuning in.